Discover the winning stories and their writers from the 2021 edition of De Wondere Pluim

Discover the winners of De Wondere Pluim 2021 from the third grade. Joke van Leeuwen, Kuno Bakker, Bruno Vanden Broecke, Tiny Bertels and Nico Sturm found their stories scattered all over the city and read them aloud.

De Wondere Pluim is an initiative of De Veerman in collaboration with reading parents and with the support of the city of Antwerp.

The book of the Antwerp edition of De Wondere Pluim 2021

The book of the Antwerp edition of De Wondere Pluim 2021

The book of De Wondere Pluim with 80 stories is now available.
Ideal for on the bedside table or in the smallest room.
And of course as a gift - to make people wonder, laugh, move.
Spread these wonderful stories and order here.

This autumn De Veerman will be looking, together with young people, for their views on and experience of goodbyes, death and the rituals surrounding it. The starting point is the two festivals that deSingel is organizing in October (Mythos) and November (In Memoriam).
Are you between the ages of 16 and 26 and do you want to explore this theme in depth with 14 other people of the same age to come up with an artistic creation to be presented at deSingel?
Keep your weekends in September and October free and apply to Rone Fillet in Destelheide in Destelheide

On Friday, June 18, the exhibition will open in Destelheide. Visitors will have the opportunity to think up new words on the spot that will be integrated into the expo. On display at the bar at least until this fall.