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De Veerman aims to stimulate creativity, art experience, knowledge and understanding of the arts, and this in relation to the surrounding world. Art, culture and education are becoming increasingly connected with other social components. De Veerman was founded in 2000 with the aim to develop, implement and disseminate art-educational projects.


I used to play the pianola

Two fans take make 20 plastic colored balls play a piano.
A dust mask with a siren sound.
A flute that is controlled by two people that are 10 meters apart.

These are a few of the strange inventions that were built during the workshop 'music machines' by a group of inventive 10 to 35 year olds.
In full action on Tuesday, April 25th at 19.15 in the entrance hall of deSingel!

Follow Young Art Reporters on Facebook

9 young people indulge in Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2017.
They meet makers, attend rehearsal, go to shows and share their opinion.
Follow their writings, pictures, audio reports and video's on Facebook.

Studio for rent

Studio for rent in Atelier 4711, workspace for arts, education and participation.
From March 1st / / 5,25 m x 5,50 m / €275 + €50 utilities.
We prefer artists or artistic organisations that see added value in sharing knowledge and ideas.

More info: daan.simons@veerman.be


Subscritions for Summeracademy 2017 are open!

Summer + academy =
creation equity + artistic impulse =

It will be difficult again this year to choose between the 11 challenging and exciting workshops we offer in Destelheide.
But not to worry: in every workshop you get the chance to sharpen your artistic ability and understanding. Professional artists guide and coach you through your artistic search.

Seven days of experimenting and sharing with others, away from the world, time and your daily concerns.
Subscribe now!

Watch 'Ivan' online

'Ivan' is an experimental movie made by 18 pupils of Pius X Antwerp.
It is a remake of Eisensteins' 'Ivan The Terrible' from 1944, for which Prokofiev composed the score.
The youngsters researched Eisensteins way of film making and the relation to Prokofievs' music for a week.

Family - house calls

'Family' is a participatory art project in which 15 inhabitants of Leuven adopt a work of art by Kristof Van Gestel. They give the work a place in their homes and lives for six months.
Video maker Anne Reijniers went for a visit.

Writing project 'The miracle feather' celebrates it's 15th edition

On Wednesday, February 22 more than 4,500 children in Antwerp and Turnhout write a story.
This project to promote writing and reading began 15 years ago in one school in Antwerp and meanwhile expanded into 33 Antwerp and 7 Turnhoutse schools.
We are curious to see what stories will be selected by the parent reading groups from each school for the next round!

15 years De Veerman, impressions of the party

On October 8th De Veerman celebrated it's 15th birthday with collaboraters, partners, friends and inhabitants of Atelier4711.
Anne Reijniers made an impression of a sunny, moist and rounded day.